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Vital Statistics

Fire losses to business in the UK rise year on year despite fire services carrying out vital inspections and more rigid building standards. During 2006 serious fires in office areas was estimated to cost £27 million whereas storage and distribution fires amounted to £19 million with the food industry costing an estimated £8 million in losses.  Of concern, fire caused by arson over the whole spectrum of premises amounted to £35 million with the highest losses being in storage areas.

During the period January to December 2006 there were no fewer than 31 serious electrical fires causing losses of over £100,000.

Sleeping risk premises still continue to be a cause for concern despite regular inspection by UK Fire Services with losses amounting to over £25 million and this only applies to serious fires in excess of £100,000. By far the majority of fires (other than dwellings) occur in industry in the UK with the agricultural industry topping the table.

As it’s a well known fact that people cause fires, a fire risk assessment professionally carried out is the starting point for lessening the risk and not becoming another statistic in insurance company tables.

Fire Solutions Fife Ltd can provide this service and deliver with confidence and professionalism a competent fire risk assessment.



New Fire Safety Legislation Out In October
The fire risk assessment is a legal requirement and reviewing it will become a mandatory requirement on 1st October 2006 when new fire law for Scotland comes into force. You should be aware that you need to keep the fire risk assessment on your premises available for inspection by the fire authority.

Fire Solutions New Website Launched
A brand new website to ensure that the people of Scotland are made aware of their responsibilities as employers. We can ensure that the information is factual and accurate and will assist your company’s responsible person in fire awareness and new legislation.

The site has links to other professional organisations based in the UK and gives an overview of new fire law in Scotland. It describes who we are, where we are and how your company can benefit using the services provided. The consultancy is of a very high standard with years of experience in fire safety law.

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