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What We Do

The consultancy service includes:

  • Fire risk assessment 
  • Inspection and audit of premises
  • Fire safety design checking
  • Technical advice on architectural plans and fire fighting equipment
  • Advice on regulations and compliance with standards of local and government authorities

Frequently asked questions…

  • Why should my business have a Fire Risk Assessment?
  • Can I get the Fire Service to do a risk assessment for me?
  • What if I don’t bother with a fire risk assessment?  What happens then?
  • I only employ part-time workers. Does that make me exempt?

Having a Fire Risk Assessment is not an option. It is the law! Many employers are not conversant with the law and associated codes of practice and a Fire Risk Assessment has been a legal requirement since 1997.

Ignorance of fire regulations is no defence and never has been. The Fire Service will not carry out a fire risk assessment for you but they will most certainly ask to view one relevant to your premises. Employers have a responsibility for the health & safety of their employees and this includes fire safety precautions within their premises. If employers fail to meet their responsibilities they could find themselves subject to court action.

The employer will have to appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ who will have to provide evidence that the safety of all employees has been addressed in the event of a fire whether the employees are full or part-time.


New Fire Safety Legislation Out In October
The fire risk assessment is a legal requirement and reviewing it will become a mandatory requirement on 1st October 2006 when new fire law for Scotland comes into force. You should be aware that you need to keep the fire risk assessment on your premises available for inspection by the fire authority.

Fire Solutions New Website Launched
A brand new website to ensure that the people of Scotland are made aware of their responsibilities as employers. We can ensure that the information is factual and accurate and will assist your company’s responsible person in fire awareness and new legislation.

The site has links to other professional organisations based in the UK and gives an overview of new fire law in Scotland. It describes who we are, where we are and how your company can benefit using the services provided. The consultancy is of a very high standard with years of experience in fire safety law.

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